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I love working with clients to bring their visions to life. Each project a one-of-a-kind creation with an impact.

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About Angelini Design

Welcome to Angelini Design

There’s a thoughtful energy that drives my artistic process. I love working with clients to bring their visions to life. Each project a one-of-a-kind creation with an impact.

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My Services

Your Space Your Style - We Make it Smile!

Decluttering & Space Organization

Creative problem-solving to optimize space & time, functionality, aesthetics, and the steps needed to get there together.

Soft Renovations

Consulting, researching, shopping for, and purchasing services or household items (repairs, painting, hauling, furniture, rugs, curtains, lighting, bins, etc.) I can manage this process and the tradespeople for you so you can attend to job or family matters.

Art & Murals

I can create custom wall murals and canvas paintings or call on other artists to create a special “Wow” piece for your space.

From My Clients

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“Bringing Order To Chaos”

Nancy has a way of bringing order out of chaos with a vision, plan and ability to execute that plan that feels like magic!   Thank you, Nancy, for transforming my home, both inside and outside, and making me feel proud of my residence like never before!

Christopher L

From My Clients

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“Exceptional Service”

Nancy Angelini is a magician with manipulating space and is passionate about problem solving.  She has a gift for streamlining and beautifying.  She worked with me to redesign my art room, helping me to maximize functionality for my students and me.  She is extremely hard-working and is a visionary when it comes to bringing client needs and their space to its most beneficial purpose.  I highly recommend her!

Laura Z

From My Clients

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“I Have Nancy Angelini!”

Incredible!!  Looks 1000 times better.   Like Rockefeller had Diego Rivera, I have Nancy Angelini!

Victor A

From My Clients

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“Talented Designer”

It is with great pleasure that I explain why I have and will continue to recommend Nancy Angelini to clients who need their home “refreshed” to make it more appealing to those looking to purchase. Nancy has an uncanny ability to visualize the potential of a space.  She has an amazing sense of style, layout of rooms, knowledge of lighting, color, texture and furnishings.  Nancy also has the ability to simplify overcrowded or cluttered space so rooms can breathe.  Buyers are fortunate to avail themselves of her expertise. Somehow she manages to amaze, bringing out numerous ideas and resources, working conscientiously to meet client needs.  I am delighted to have this talented designer in my arsenal of professionals to help my real estate clients.


From My Clients

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“Job Well Done”

I’m retired and a Vietnam veteran who collected a considerable amount of stuff over the years.  My mission impossible task for Nancy was to guide me through the process to let go of sentimental things and keep only those things that make me happy.  The goal also included organizing and staging my home for selling.  She succeeded wonderfully and we even had fun along the way.  Nancy, I salute you for a job well done.  And, my family thanks you for not having to deal with my stuff.

Michael T