Service Detail

"Nancy has a way of bringing order out of chaos with a vision, plan and ability to execute that plan that feels like magic!" –Christopher L

Soft Renovations

The process typically involves cosmetic changes rather than structural alterations. There may, however, be a need to consider hiring professionals to accomplish tasks such as electrical work, flooring, painting, closet installation, carpenter, dry-waller etc.

Step 1 - Assessment

Assessment of areas that need improvement like painting, lighting, flooring, and fixtures (knobs, faucets, fans, toilets, anything permanently installed that stays with the house)

Step 2 - Budget

Budget for materials, labor, and potential unexpected costs.

Step 3 - Plan

Plan for the desired changes, including colors, materials, contractors etc.

Step 4 - Make Purchases

Make purchases with overall design aesthetic and budget in mind

Step 5 - Prepare

Prepare by clearing the space and protecting furniture & fixtures. 

Step 6 - Do the work

Do the work independently or hire professionals

Step 7 - Clean Up

Clean up, dispose of waste, perform touch-ups, and inspect.

Step 8 - Celebrate!

Take time to enjoy your accomplishment in this beautiful space!