Service Detail

"Incredible! Looks 1000 times better. Like Rockefeller had Diego Rivera, I have Nancy Angelini!" –Victor A

Art & Murals

Custom artwork can be initiated by a client request for a mural or fine art. At other times, it’s the unique needs and visions of my client that inspire my suggestion to craft something truly distinctive and meaningful for their space.

The price of this work is assessed per project. Determinations are based on variables such as size, complexity, materials, time, work environment, need for rental equipment. 

Custom Artwork Benefits

1. Conversation Starter, allowing you to engage with family, friends or business connections.  One of my customers is an immigration attorney and his clients love taking their proud photos in front of the custom wall mural I painted in his reception area.  

2. Outstanding Focal Point that can breathe new life into your space

3. Inspirational Source for mental wellbeing, creativity, & productivity

4. Provides Connection to who you are, to community, or culture

5. Gift to yourself or to someone you care about